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Professional Residential and Commercial Land Surveying Since 2009

Were you told that you needed a land surveyor, but you have no clue what one actually does? Look no further!

When the talents of Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Lewis and Clark are combined, you get a land surveyor. From a mathematician and expert measurer to a law scholar and translator, a land surveyor is a blend of several unique disciplines. It requires more than standing along a road with GPS equipment to be a surveyor. These guys are the ones that will search out your property lines like Indiana Jones searching for the lost treasure. They will ensure you know where your property begins and ends just in case you or your neighbor want to build a fence, or maybe a wall, whichever is preferred or perhaps needed. These pros will let you know the elevation of your home for flood insurance purposes. Don't let your kitchen become a swimming pool or your wallet become drowning in debt from outrageous insurance rates.

As land surveyors, we basically do it all and the work terms may become confusing to you. Don't feel like you must go back to school and learn the legal jargon. Check out some surveying terms that will make conversations a little less confusing or just contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Established in 2009, Russell T. Hammond Surveying has been providing land surveying services for all your residential and commercial needs. Looking for a specific service? Check out a list of common surveys we provide. We specialize in Maryland's Eastern shore and Lower Delaware counties. To find out if a specific location is covered under our services, please, use our services area map.

Surveys Most Requested By



• Boundary Surveys
• Location Drawings
• Elevation Certificates
Insurance Agencies

Insurance Agents

• Elevation Certificates
• ELOMA Requests
Home Owners

Home Owners

• Minor Subdivisions
• As-Constructed Surveys
• Site Plans
• Perimeter Surveys

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Licensed in Maryland & Delaware. Specializing in Worcester County, MD & Sussex County, DE
Maryland License #21329 • Delaware License #S6-0000781