Surveying Team

Who We Are

Four score and seven years ago, history was written on a mountain side of three land surveyors and that other one guy.

Russell Hammond Team Mount Rushmore

Wait, this story sounds familiar. Okay, so we were never the president, but we do share in Jefferson, Lincoln and Washington's craft of land surveying. Check out The Team to get the scoop on who we are: These three dudes and that other one dudette. Skipping past the business babble and the industry jargon here, we are a team of land surveyors that take pride in what we do. As real life Indiana Joneses, we will leave no rock unturned. Understanding and appreciating the level of importance for each project, we hold great value to every client.

No matter the scope, scale or budget, we will apply the highest level of professionalism, industry knowledge and customer service for each project. Of course, we have fun along the way, because what's life without laughter. It's hard enough navigating through the boundaries the world throws your way, so let us handle the boundary surveys your project requires.

Alright, that was a little cheesy. In all honesty and sincerity though, we love what we do and owe a huge thanks to our surrounding communities, for without you we could not exist. We are looking forward to our continuous partnership with you.

Curious who the mastermind behind this team is?

Surveyor Russell Hammond

Be sure to check out the big kahuna's personal note to learn more. If you want to see if your location at your next big project is covered under our service areas skip over and have a look to our service area map. Maybe you just stumbled upon us because you are bored at work and don't really need any of our services. That's alright. You got time to kill, check out what really happens while we are out in the field.

Warning: Read at your own risk: Survey Says.

Licensed in Maryland & Delaware. Specializing in Worcester County, MD & Sussex County, DE
Maryland License #21329 • Delaware License #S6-0000781