Surveying Team

The Team

The Big Kahuna

aka Russell Hammond

“In geologic time, we just met; however, in dog years, we go way back.”
The Big Kahuna (2000)

Besides being a movie guru and having mad dance skills, Russell is a modern-day Indiana Jones as he surveys the lands. A Bishopville Maryland native, Russell has been in the surveying industry since 1987. After years of gaining experience, he became a member of the Maryland Society of Surveyors in 1998. In 2009, like a boss, he started his own company, growing it into the dream team it is today.

Rick The Ruler

aka Rick Savage

Watch out! It’s Rick the Ruler. Born and raised in these neck of the woods (or should we say shores), Rick has been surveying since 1998. He’s been juggling the days between the office and field work after joining Russell in 2012. With a memory like a steel trap, Rick can recall the littlest of details from jobs gone by. Surviving multiple tick bomb attacks year after year without injury, he still prefers to be in sun light rather than fluorescent light.

The Bearded Wonder

aka Ben Overholt

Powered by mountain dew and pretzels, this Eastern Shore guy started surveying in 1996. While the thrill of fending off snakes is hard to resist, the real joy lays within drafting for Ben. Speeding through time in his mini cooper with the wind in his beard, Ben joined this dream team in 2015. You can rest assured from field to finish, these three musketeers will get the job done.

The Lone Dudette

aka Donna Lloyd

This lone dudette was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Don’t hold this against her, we try not to. She made her way down to the Eastern Shore, alive somehow, proudly sporting those black and gold colors. Recently, Donna has joined the team in 2016 as the office assistant and social media wrangler. Never more than a few inches away from a cup of coffee, Donna would love to hear from you when calling into the office.

The Wonder Pup

aka Roscoe

Much like a mascot, our wonder pup is the lovable office guard dog. From the very beginning, Roscoe fearlessly went on adventures of surveying. Nowadays, he guards the office, and by guarding we mean napping by the door.

Now that you know more about us feel free to tell us more about you and the project you are working on by contacting us. Check out the service area map to make sure your property is located in our service zones.

Licensed in Maryland & Delaware. Specializing in Worcester County, MD & Sussex County, DE
Maryland License #21329 • Delaware License #S6-0000781