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Hidey-Ho, there neighbor!

Russell Hammond - Friday, May 04, 2018

Good fences make good neighbors, but misplaced ones may cause problems.

Are you looking to put a fence up for your picture-perfect home? Before you start installing those posts call a land surveyor. You may ask yourself, is a survey really needed to put up a fence? It’s always best to make sure the placement of your fence is, in-fact, on your property. Save time, money, and headaches by placing the new fence in the correct place the first time.

Once you have contacted a surveyor, what should you be asking for?

Don’t feel required to know all the correct terms. After all you didn’t go to school for land surveying. That’s what we are here for. Simply describe what your project is and we will help you out from there.

When a homeowner wants to install a fence the perimeter of the area needs to be checked to ensure proper placement. Requesting a perimeter survey to be done will show you exactly where your property lines and corners are located at. The property lines will be staked out giving you a visual where the fence can be installed. This kind of survey only includes the physical stake out and not a drawing. Don’t fall victim to believing every survey includes a drawing on paper. There are all kinds of surveys that require specific field work to be completed, and with each one, unique data is collected. It is best to speak with a land surveyor and explain what kind of project you are looking to complete. This way the surveyor will have a clear picture of what will be helpful for you to finish the job.

You can find a list of different surveys along with the description of each one to help with your next project.




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