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When It Rains It Pours

Russell Hammond - Thursday, November 15, 2018

Hurricane, Tropical Storm, Nor’easter; call it what you will…


What happens when the skies open up and dump buckets of water down when there is field work to be done? Canoeing around to locate property corners doesn’t exactly work out so well.

“So, you’re telling me that my field work won’t be completed when it’s a torrential downpour?”

Sorry, but we can’t control the weather. When it rains we are driven indoors and you may ask, what is it that you do indoors? Isn’t your entire job based on surveying the land outside?

No, we aren’t just sitting around playing candy crush and eating popcorn.

Most surveys require office work to be completed.

A few surveys that require office work are Elevation Certificates, Preliminary Plans, Location Surveys, and Site Plans. These surveys are completed in a software program that allows for field data to be transformed into layers of calculations, measurements, and dimensions. We take the field data and create a variety of calculated lines and curves that are then drafted into the finished surveys point by point. Elevation Certificates require a multiple page form to be filled out with the information gathered instead of a drawing such as the previous mentioned surveys do. Once all the office work is completed it must be reviewed for final approval.

Now I know when we were all kids we loved running around through the mud as it rained.


However, working in such conditions isn’t as fun. Rainy days aren’t ideal for the field crews or for the work equipment. If work equipment is used out in the rain, there can be damages within the computerized systems that result in costly repairs. We know projects are usually on a time sensitive schedule and we do our best to keep to that. Please take into consideration the weather conditions. We certainly factor in the forecast when scheduling out field work but, as we all know, weather can be unpredictable. When such times occur, rescheduling projects for the next fair-weather day is the goal.                

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