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Make A List - Check It Twice

Russell Hammond - Monday, December 11, 2017

 With the holidays approaching, Santa Claus isn’t the only one that should be making a list and checking it twice.


Check this list twice before calling to get a survey.

You may need a surveyor when

  •  A property is divided into parcels for sale or development

So, you want to divide up your land to get your thirty-year-old child out of your basement? To make this dream a reality you will need a Subdivision. This process involves a plat to be prepared, approved, and recorded within the land records of the appropriate county. After this is completed your child can be saying hello to adulthood while you're relaxing in your basement, alone.

  • A property is to be sold or purchased

What a better gift than your very own home. Buying a house for the first time is exciting and full of new experiences. One of those new experiences will be to get a Boundary Survey before buying your dream house to make sure it is all you want it to be. By getting this survey before purchasing you can save frustration from setting in by knowing where your property lines are.

  • A property is in or near a flood zone

A couch doesn’t make for a good canoe. If you aren’t a fan of having a river run through your house every time there is a rain storm, then you need to get an Elevation Certificate. This survey is important to check the property's elevation data to the base flood elevation data. You can prevent rafting on the sofa through your living room with knowing the elevations of the area’s flood level and then building above that.


  • An addition to the property is to be made

Your house has suddenly turned into Santa’s workshop with tinsel, garland, and Christmas movies everywhere. Maybe it’s time for your wife to have a place all to herself for such activities. That’s what she shed. It might be time to build a shed for her. A Site Plan will be required to obtain building permits to show what is to be constructed.

Let’s all follow the lead of Santa and check those lists twice.

Peace and joy will come to all those who listen to Santa’s advice.

Happy Holidays!

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